How To Study Better And Smarter

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Through studying, we are able to gather new information and learn new things. It is important that a student studies well so that he could get the most out of his education. When a student studies better, he can have a better future ahead. Nonetheless, there are instances when there are hurdles and obstacles that a student needs to overcome in order to learn the things he must learn. A student should know how he can study better and smarter, instead of harder.
The place for studying affects your efficiency in studying.
• The study place you need to choose is one that is available to you each time that you need it. If you share the place with someone else, set a schedule when you can both use the area effectively.
• The place must also be free from distractions. An hour of distraction-free study is always better than four hours study filled with interruptions. Mobile phone should be turned off or muted. If you are using a computer, make sure that you also turn the chat feature off, unless you use IM to communicate with a study group. You should not check e-mails while studying.
• The place should have every necessary material for studying. The materials you would need are references, paper and school supplies. Make sure that all these things are at hand where you choose to study.
• Your study place also needs to have a table or desk where you can spread out all the things needed for studying. The desk should also give you adequate space for writing. Try to be organized on your desk. Along with the desk is a comfortable chair. The chair should not make you fidget or feel stiff while sitting and studying. Do not choose a chair that is too comfortable it will make you want to sleep.
• The study area must also have adequate lighting. If the room is too dim, you will strain to see the pages of a book; this can quickly drain your energy and hurt your eyesight. If in a dark room, you can use a reading light or a shade.
• It also needs to have a comfortable temperature conducive for studying. It should not be too warm or too cold. If it is air-conditioned, choose a temperature ideal for you.
Your Time for studying also influences your efficiency.
• You need to set a schedule for studying that you can always follow. Studying time must be made into a routine that your body will follow automatically.
• Choose the days or the times when you are most energetic. Assignments should also be completed before going to your class.
• Study at daytime whenever possible. From studies and research, it was found out that studying for 60 minutes at daytime is equal to 90 minutes of studying at night.
• There are also time durations that will work best on the type or style of studying you need to do. In general, a one hour studying is the most effective; with 10 minutes for break and 50 minutes for studying. If you need to memorize and study your notes, shorter periods are best. For writing papers and solving problems, longer times are needed.
• If possible, study right after the lecture so that you can retain all information in your mind effectively.
• Prioritize which subjects or tasks you need to accomplish first and learn to manage your study time well.

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How To Study Better And Smarter

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How To Study Better And Smarter

This article was published on 2012/08/15