Asvab Test Debate: Study Your Weaknesses Or Cater To Your Strengths?

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When it comes to the best preparation for the ASVAB test, most test experts agree that a bullet-proof study schedule, a top-quality ASVAB study guide and the determination to succeed are all important to guaranteeing the ultimate test success.

But look just beyond the surface of this seemingly universal agreement, and you'll notice something entirely different altogether: those same test experts are quickly taking sides.

They're not taking sides over which mathematical formulas you need to study up on for the test. They're not arguing over which study guide is the best in the business. In fact, they're not even fighting over the nature of the test itself.

What they're divided on can have a profound impact on the study world itself. And whether you're in the midst of taking a practice test or haven't even looked at ASVAB practice questions, you're going to want to pay attention to this special report...

...Because it's bound to change the way you look at your ASVAB test.

How Should You Break Down Your ASVAB Study?

So what issues are causing testing experts to drawn a line in the sand?

The argument is a profound one: should you study up on your weak spots, or should you cater to your strengths?

Let's break this down even further.

*On the one hand, you have a group of test experts who believe that it's pointless to study to your strengths. After all, you don't need to improve on something that you're already good at. Instead, test takers should focus their time and energy on picking up a few vital tips and techniques in their weak areas, thus guaranteeing that they get as many test points as possible.

*On the other hand, you've got a different group of experts who believe that no amount of study will magically make you better in your weak areas. Rather, these experts argue that you should focus on fine-tuning your strengths, as this is the one area in which your mind is most likely to pick up advanced test-taking knowledge.

As you can see, the fight between these testing experts isn't going to go away anytime soon. And until a final decision is rendered - which, in this case, might be some time - it's up to the ASVAB test taker to decide where they stand in this fight.

So when it comes to your ASVAB study, which side are you on?

Do you think that you're apt to get more test points if you study up on your weakness?

Or do you think that your time and energy is better spent fine-tuning your strengths?

Whatever the choice you make, it's important that you follow the study schedule that's right for you. And whether it involves your weak testing areas or advancing your strengths, the right test prep will see you through to your ultimate test score.
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Asvab Test Debate: Study Your Weaknesses Or Cater To Your Strengths?

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This article was published on 2010/10/29